One of my greatest honors as a coach has been to watch my clients clarify their life purpose and leverage their success with our collaborative work. This rich and authentic journey identifies their personal and compelling reasons for change and defines a pathway they can truly champion. Setting goals, staying on track and being effective connects them to their deepest potential and true desire.
I have been passionately active in the recovery and personal development field for over 30 years. Most recently, I was elected to the board of Recovery Coaches International (RCI) and joined Aep & Associates as an Executive and Life and Recovery Coach. I have worked in crisis intervention, business and organizational consulting, and addiction counseling. I participated in Lifespring, Basic and Advanced, and was trained in Lifespring Leadership.
My personal approach to life is holistic, balancing mind, body and spirit. I am married and am a happy mother. Nature and meditation cultivate my wholehearted living.