Courage, Compassion, Calm, Communication,

Connection.These are the Gifts of Coaching.

I am an Executive Life Coach and a Certified Recovery Coach. I primarily work with  professionals, couples, and families who want to achieve their personal, family, financial and professional goals. Perhaps you have found yourself slightly off course? Do you have a golden goal that you want to set into motion?

Let's get started!

Additionally, I have specialized training in partnering with people as they choose to overcome the challenges of  chemical dependence or an addiction or a challenge with alcohol, drugs or other unhelpful behaviours.

Do you have a tendency to put things off?  Are you having trouble creating and protecting healthy boundaries?  Would a bit of practice and specific strategies for clear communication be helpful?  Are you living a life of must do's, have to's, and the feeling that you have no time for yourself?  Are you living an anxiety-driven life?  Feeling exhausted?  Yearning for a sense of calm?  I can help.

Most likely, you have made a decision to regain clarity.  To stretch.  To grow.  You know that the happiest, most successful people collaborate with a coach to help achieve their goals and their dreams. I love my work ~ You will enjoy both the process and the results. I encourage you to call me. Together, we will develop a plan so that you reclaim control over your life and embrace your own integrity, values, and life goals. We will do this strategically. We will develop a time line and a priority list. Ours will be  a dynamic and collaborative process. You will create your own success & I will get credit for the “assist.” I am also the new president of the board of Recovery Coaches International.I have extensive public speaking and media experience. I am an active member of  the San Diego Professional Coaching Alliance. SMART Recovery is a wonderful resource that you may want to explore. I am a master facilitator for SMART and the regional cordinator for SMART in California. Invest in yourself today and schedule a Courageous Conversation.
 I look forward to hearing from you.