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Ashley E. Phillips AEP & Associates

Choose to create an authentic fulfilling integrated life where you know who you are and you live your values. Engage in healthy interdependent relationships with strong boundaries. Communicate clearly. Avoid rushing to judgment. Embrace your power, your strength and your vulnerability. Let's agree to dare to tell the truths about our lives.

WHAT IS COACHING? Coaching is a powerful strategy for self development and personal change management. Coaching relationships are about discovery, analysis, and action. I will walk with you as you look at and face the reality of whatever circumstance or problem brings you to seek coaching support. We will face your reality together. We will clarify any ambiguity or conflicting or competing information. We will examine the array of options that you might explore. We will identify what has to be done, when, and by whom. We will break big jobs into manageable parts. Along the way we will have courageous conversations.  I will be your accountability partner.  You will make demonstrated progress toward your own stated goals.

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